Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Itty Bitty Bikini Time

It's bikini season, below are some of my favorite trends:

1) Solids: OK, well this isn't a trend, but solids are always a staple in any bikini wardrobe. Remember black is slimming and white is often see-through. I bought a teal colored bikini from Target. It's dark enough to keep me from looking like Free Willy in the pool, but has enough color to be fun.

TIP: Buy your bikini somewhere that offers different types of tops/bottoms. I bought one bottom and two different styles of the same top so it sometimes seems like I have 2 different bikinis, but I don't really!

*Sale alert - Target has temporarily reduced prices of swim tops and bottoms.

I bought these two versions of tops (in the same color) from Target:

Mossimo Halter
Originally: $17.99, Now $14.39

Mossimo Bandeau
Originally: $17.99, Now $14.39

I have this bottom, also from Target:

Mossimo Keyhole Bottom
Originally $17.99, Now $14.39

2) Polka Dots: These are even more popular than last year. My friend has this really cute, inexpensive one from Target:

Mossimo Bandeau Navy Dot Blue (also available in black)
Originally $17.99, Now $14.39

Mossimo Tab Bottom Navy Dot Blue
Originally $17.99, Now $14.39

: Tie bottom in this style also available here.

3) Monokini: This is popular again this year. Check this one out at Target:

Xhilaration Ruffle Monokini
Originally $29.99, Now $23.99

Friday, June 5, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

If you live in the South like me, then it is freakin' hot outside! Time to pack up the jeans and put on some shorts.

Shorts tips:
  • Petite: Wear shorter shorts. Shorter shorts make your legs look longer.
  • Colors: If your lower half is a little bit wider or just not your favorite part of your body, opt for dark solid colored shorts. Stay away from white shorts.
  • Whites: White shorts are often see-through. If you wear white panties with white shorts, they will show. Invest in some tan/nude colored underwear. Wear this under your white shorts.
  • Length: Choose an age appropriate length. If you are in high school or college, anything goes. Past college avoid shorts from places like AE, AF, Aeropostale, Hollister, because they are probably too short (unless you are short/have short legs). Instead head to J. Crew, GAP, etc.
  • Booty Shorts: Just say NO! Under no circumstances should anyone, high school or older, wear booty shorts. I'm not going to define what I mean. I know you know.
  • Styles: I think seersucker, cut offs (not too short), and madras style shorts are the cutest. I also really like the chino shorts at J. Crew and GAP. They come in all sorts of fun colors and are reasonably priced.