Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Biggest Designer Collaboration Yet!

I have been dreaming of the day where Target would announce they are partnering with Marc Jacobs for a collection, and finally, the day has arrived! Little did I know that not only would they partner with Marc, but they are also partnering with a who's who list of the fashion world.

In a partnership with Neiman Marcus (I know, how mismatched are these two) a 50 piece designer collection will arrive in stores this December. Items will range from $7.99 to $499.99. I just hope that we have a chance to buy this stuff without camping out all morning. I really don't want to see this turn into another Missoni debacle.

My wish list includes a wrap dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, a handbag from Marc Jacobs, and a tote from Tory Burch. I don't want to be greedy, but I wish Kate Spade was thrown into the mix. I'd love for her to design some jewelry or handbags for Target. Oh well, maybe someday!

Here is the full list of designers. Some of my favorites are in bold.

Band of Outsiders
Prabal Gurung
Thom Browne
Tracy Reese 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Mullet Hemline

Business in the front, party in the back! I'll be honest, I have no idea what the correct term is for the hemline everyone has been sporting all summer, but basically, it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. I think calling it the "mullet hemline" is the the most fitting name.  I wasn't a fan of this, but it's grown on me over the summer, so much so, that I'm looking to get at least one dress with the mullet hemline to wear in Austin this weekend.

*Correction - I decided to resort to google, and realized this is called a "high low (or hi-lo) hemline." I still think mullet is the better term!

Check out some of my thrifty/trendy hi-lo finds...

I love everything about this dress. The colors are perfect for the summer and look flattering on any skin tone. It looks incredibly soft and comfy, and you can wear this so many places - at the beach, at brunch with your girlfriends, while running errands, etc. The price is really great too.

ASOS - River Island Bandeau Colorblock Maxi  - $41.43

I really like the look of this next dress. The floral print kind of feels 90s inspired, especially it you paired it with black boots. Also nice, it's on sale! Grab this one at Urban Outfitters before it's gone.

Urban Outfitters - Lucca Couture Crepe High/Low Dress  - $49.99 (originally $69)

Forever 21 is great for trendy clothing that you don't want to spend a ton of money on. This is definitely one of those trends that might not be relevant next year. I really love the purple color of this high/low dress. I'm also a fan of the racerback style and belt. If you have an hourglass shape, you would look great in this one. This is also a good choice for someone with toned shoulders or back.

Forever 21 - High-Low Racerback Dress - $24.80

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Of July Presidential Style

Happy fourth of July everyone! I hope wherever you are you had a chance to eat some bbq, relax, and bask in the sunshine. I definitely need to hit the gym tomorrow! I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favorite outfits worn by the families of our nation's presidents today.

Jacqueline Kennedy was the most stylish first lady, and her favorite designer was Oleg Cassini. Here is Jackie wearing Oleg Cassini to the inagural ball.

Laura Bush was married to arguably our most polarizing president, but I always had a fondness for her. Maybe it is because she attended both of my alma maters - The University of Texas and Southern Methodist University. Laura is a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta, and apparently so if Jenna. He designed Jenna's wedding dress. 

Here is Laura wearing one of my favorite de la  Renta creations. I love the sparkle, and I think it's so age appropriate. 

Here is Jenna in her de la Renta wedding gown.

Betty Ford might be best known for the clinic named after her, but she was actually a pretty stylish lady. Her clothes are very current now that Mad Men has made the retro look cool again. I love this cheery yellow suit she wore to meet Queen Elizabeth.

This post wouldn't be complete with a favorite outfit from Michelle Obama. I love that Michelle wore an ensemble from J. Crew (b/c I'm totally obsessed with that store). Of course, the cardigan sold out within hours of the release of this picture.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lighten Up! Packing Tips

It's summer and that means lots of traveling. Living in NYC has taught my the need to travel light. I usually catch a bus/train/plane after leaving to office, so I need something lightweight to schlep all my stuff to work and then on to my destination. I consider myself an expert at traveling light - I spent 10 days in Japan with a carry on suitcase!


Never bring anything on your way to the airport that you can easily buy at the airport - Magazines cost the same whether you buy them at Barnes & Noble or whether you buy them at the terminal. I always buy them right before hopping on the plane. I also trash them as soon as I'm done. There's no point bringing it to the hotel if you're done with it. I also don't buy more than I can read on the plane. If I need something to read by the pool, I'll grab another magazine when I get to my destination. I'm anti-electronic reader, so books are the only thing I pack before heading to the airport. They are so much cheaper on Amazon, or at The Strand (my absolute favorite NYC bookstore). This rule also applies to water (you can't take it through security anyway), snacks, etc.

Roll it - Rolling your clothes tightly not only keeps them wrinkle free, but makes it a lot easier to pack an enormous amount into a small bag. My friend Sarah bought me a set of packing cubes from Ebags and they are awesome. I roll my clothes and pack them into the cubes, then I can easily access a cube of t-shirts, or sundresses. I also reserve one cube for dirty clothes that need to be washed when I get home.

Plan your outfits - I know this is hard, but if you want to save the weight of lugging ALL of your shoes, bring a couple that will go with any outfit. I usually bring ballet flats, sandals, and a peep-toe (either nude or black). You rarely need anything else. If it's winter and I know I'll need a pair of boots, I usually wear those on the plane so they're not taking up room. I also always carry on my coat, even if I'm going from somewhere warm (Texas) to somewhere cold (NYC).

The hidden second bag - This is one of my favorite tricks. People bring larger suitcases so there's room for souvenirs and shopping, but there's no need to do that. I love my Longchamp tote because it folds up nicely, and when I am ready to travel home, I can unfold it and fit a ton of crap in there. I usually count that as my "purse" and then also have my carry on so I prevent the need to check a bag.

Narciso Rodriguez For Kohl's

Announcing yet another designer collaboration - Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's! The line hits stores in November and pieces range from $30 - $150. The collection will be inspired by Istanbul where Rodriguez  traveled to for inspiration.

If you're not familiar with Narciso Rodriguez, he appeared on everyone's radar after he designed Carolyn Bessette's wedding dress when she married John Kennedy, Jr. Michelle Obama also wore a dress from his 2009 resort collection to celebrate President Obama's election as the first African American president of the United States.

Preview of Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's:

Carolyn Bessette's Narciso Rodriguez designed wedding gown:

Michelle Obama in Narcisco Rodriguez's Resort 2009 collection: