Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boo! Last Minute Halloween Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Oh wait, that's Christmas! Well, it sure is the spookiest time of the year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love scary movies, having an excuse to dress up, and not feeling bad for binging on candy like a little kid. When I was in school, I devoted a big chunk of time to putting my costume together, but now that I'm older, life gets in the way, and now I usually find myself running out to Ricky's (my favorite Halloween stop in NYC) for something last minute. I figured I would help some of you out with some last minute ideas....

Outfit #1 - Mime

What you'll need:
  • black pants or for black shorts for the "sexy mime" look
  • black suspenders
  • striped shirt
  • white face paint
  • white gloves (optional) 

Forever 21 - Essential Striped Top  $12.80

Gap Ultra Skinny Pants  $54.95

Hot Topic Suspenders  $5.99  (regularly $7.99)

Party City Womens Short White Gloves  $4.99

Outfit #2 - Professional Ice Skater

What you need:
  • leotard 
  • skater skirt
  • fake gold medal

Charlotte Russe Solid Scuba Skater Skirt  $16.99

Outfit #3 - 1920's Great Gatsby Girl

What you need:
  • cute dress
  • headband
  • cigarette holder (optional)
  • pearls (optional)
Forever 21 - Deco Redux Sequin Dress  $42.80

Party City - Charleston Braided Headpiece  $5.99

Friday, October 25, 2013

What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox say is the catchiest song of the year, and it has me crazy about everything fox related, which is great, because there is fox everything in the stores. I recently picked up an awesome fox ring from Forever 21 that was under $5. Everyone always asks me where I got it from. Check out some of my other favorite fox accessories...

This is my fox head ring. I love this one so much and it's such a great deal.

Forever 21 - Fox Head Ring $4.80

I know everyone hits up Urban Outfitters for clothes, but are you aware of their home section? My bedding is all white, and I think this fox pillow would be a great addition to make it look less prim and proper, which is a good thing, right? 

Urban Outfitters - NEST Fox Pillow $19

I might have to order these like right now. How adorable are these fox earrings? I love the little bit of bling, and that they are rose gold.

Macy's - Fossil Earrings, Rose Gold-Tone Pave Accent Fox Stud Earrings  $38

If you upgraded your iPhone, it is time for a new case. I wish I had an iPhone 5 so I could get this cool fox case. A super cute way to protect your phone.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fierce and Warm - The Animal Sweater Trend

I was never an animal print kind of girl, but surprisingly, I am a huge fan of animals on sweaters. You name it - fox, tiger, lion, whale, whatever, I love it. I've scoured the internet for some of my favorites that are affordable yet awesome. Check out my picks below...

Forever 21 is always great for a girl on a budget. They have several animals on sweaters and t-shirts, but this tiger is one of my favorites. Roar!

Forever 21 - Multi-Colored Tiger Sweater - $24.80

It has been years since I have shopped at JCP, but they have seriously revamped their store. I love dogs and I love glasses, and this sweater is really awesome because it features a dog wearing glasses. How great is that? Plus, it's on sale. I also like the other animals sweaters, but they are sold out online. I would definitely snag the fox sweater if I came across it at the store.

JC Penney - Love By Design Critter Sweater - $19.99 (originally $34)

One of the preppiest animals is the scottie dog. How cute are they? This is for the preppy girl who doesn't want something nautical like the whale or the lobster. To make this sweater even preppier, there are red elbow pads. This would be great for a Christmas party.

C. Wonder - Scottie Intarsia Sweater - $88 (use you student discount to save some $)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh La La! Catherine Malandrino Parisien Inspired Collection For Kohl's

Yet another designer collaboration is in stores now, but this one isn't at Target. Catherine Malandrino designed a Parisien inspired collection for Kohl's. Expect a lot of black and super reasonable prices since it appears that the entire collection is on sale. Check out some of my favorite pieces below...

I love laser cut, and I love that there is a laser cut piece in the collection. This was already a great deal at the original price, and at the sale price it's quite the steal. I would style it exactly like the model is wearing it.

Catherine Malandrino For DesignNation Laser-Cut Shift Dress - $52 (originally $88)

Even Olivia Palermo is a fan. She belted hers which s great for girls with a small waist. Sometimes your figure can get swallowed up in a shift.

I loved this piece from the moment I saw it. Clueless is my favorite movie, and I part of me wishes the school girl look would come back in style some day so I could break out my old mary janes an knee socks. This is similar to a school girl style, but it a much more grown up and modern way. I could definitely wear this to work, and still look cute after work grabbing drinks with the girls. There are only a few sizes available online, but there may be many more at your local store.

Catherine Malandrino For DesignNation Pleated Ponte Dress - $42 (originally $72)

I was a little on the fence on this one, but since it has such great reviews, I zoomed in the get a better look, and I'm a total fan. This one is great because there are a ton of sizes online, and this would be really nice for the Christmas party season or a night out on the town.

Catherine Malandrino For DesignNation Gored Ponte Dress - $46.80 (originally $78)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Style - Sandals

I remember the time when I always wore flip flops. Didn't matter if it was summer or where I was going. I lived in my Havianas. Now that I've grown up a little, and moved to NYC where your feet would be disgusting if you trekked around in flip flops all day, I appreciate a proper sandal.

Sandal trends this summer include the nude sandal and the studded sandal. Since neon is still in, I've been rocking a pair of hot pink sandals I picked up last year at Urban Outfitters when the season was ending. Check out some of my favs below...

This sandal from Charlotte Russe combines the nude sandal trend with the metallic T strap trend. If nude isn't your style, it also comes in black. Particularly noteworthy is the price - on sale for $12.50. Such a steal! I might get them in nude AND black.

Charlotte Russe - Metallic T-Strap Flat Sandal - $12.50 (originally $17.50)

I know everyone loves Zara, but I'm not sure most people pay attention to their shoes. I have several super cute shoes from Zara and they've held up well over the years. This sandal is great because it has those studs that everyone is wearing, and it's sort of a closed toe sandal, which is perfect for wearing when you haven't had a chance to get a pedicure. This sandal also comes in nude, and it's on sale, which is awesome. 

Zara - Studded Sandal - $49.99 (originally $79.90)

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores for sandals. I have several pairs from there, and I really like the pair below. Gray is a nice change from black or brown and the red/orange is such a nice pop of color without going overboard. I also really like the white/gold version. They would look great with a white dress or white shorts.

Urban Outfitters - Deena & Ozzy Double Strap Sandal - $29

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Style - The Straw Clutch

With Independence Day behind us (the holiday, not the Will Smith movie), summer is in full swing, and I realized I need a new summer clutch to hold the essentials. In Montauk every girl seemed to have a straw clutch. I especially like them because you can have it by the pool or at the beach and not worry about it getting wet and ruined like you would with leather or canvas. The only downside is that these are really only appropriate during the summer or at a resort, so I decided to feature my favorite one... 

I absolutely love the J. Crew Havana Clutch, and I really love that it comes in pink and black. Perfect for those of you looking for something chic like the black or a punch of color in the pink. J. Crew has had several promotions over the summer on shoes and bags, and if you can score this at 25% off, it's a great deal. If they don't have a promotion, don't forget that J. Crew offers a student discount in stores. 

J. Crew Havana Clutch - $88 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Romp

The temperatures are rising fast in NYC, and everyone is starting to break out their summer wardrobe... finally! I've been wandering around my neighborhood the past few days (usually in search of somewhere with air conditioning) and I've seen tons of rompers out and about. Not sure what a romper is? It's essentially a onesie for grown ups which mimics a shirt and shorts, but they're connected. I've always loved how rompers look on me, but the idea of completely disrobing in a public bathroom every time I have to take a pee has turned me off from them. However, I think I'm going to suck it up, and finally get me a cute romper. I mean, if it's cute enough for Blake Lively, it's cute enough for me. Check out some of my favs below...

This romper from Urban Outfitters is a little pricier than I would like, but I love the lace detail. Cotton rompers often look like something that you should wear at home when you clean your bathroom, not for a night out on the town, but this one is perfect for dinner and drinks with the girls or a fun night out in Montauk.

Urban Outfitters - Pins and Needles Crepe Lace Inset Romper - $69

I have been a big fan of coral for awhile, and I love this coral romper from Forever 21. It is also available in blue for you girls that aren't fans of bright colors. Not only is this romper just under $20, it has a bunch of great reviews. How can you resist?

Forever 21 - Sleeveless Drawstring Romper - $19.80

Necessary Clothing is one of my favorite places to shop in NYC for "going out" clothes. They have tons of rompers this season, so it was hard to settle on one that is my fav, but I love this long sleeved romper below. I was in Montauk last weekend, and it was definitely chilly at night. This is great because it will keep you warm while waiting in the longggg line at the Surf Lodge, and it is much cuter than wearing a cardigan. 

Necessary Clothing - Sultry Romper - $39.99

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

American (Apparel) Jewelry

I'll admit, it's been awhile since I've set foot in an American Apparel, but when I received an invite to a "bright and tight" party, I ended up at their Lower East Side location a few weeks ago. I didn't end up buying anything bright or tight, but the trip was definitely worthwhile because I discovered their jewelry collection. I don't know when they started carrying jewelry, but I was definitely impressed. Lots of cute charms and earrings, plus it was reasonably priced with most pieces under $20. Check out some of my favorite pieces below...

Nautical is so in this summer, and this charm comes in under $15. At this price, you can afford to buy several of their charms. They also sell a variety of chains that go with the charms.

14Kt Gold Plated Charm - Johnson The Anchor 

I'm following up the anchor charm with seahorse earrings. Maybe it's because I'm headed to Montauk this weekend, and I have the beach on my mind... I've always loved seahorses. They're like these whimsical creatures of the sea.

Gold Plated Earring Pair - Sea Horse - $18

I tried this bow ring on at the store, and instantly fell in love with it. It's like you have a cute little bow tied around your finger. There are also matching bow earrings, but I feel like it would be overkill to wear the earrings with the ring at the same time. Kate Spade has been all about bows as jewelry the past couple years, but this is a fraction of the price of a Kate Spade piece.

Stacking Bow Two Ring Set - $18

Dress Like Keira Knightly Or Like A Hip Biker

I've been eyeing this jacket at Topshop for awhile, and I recently came across a pic of Keira Knightly wearing a similar jacket. I'm sure her jacket is a lot more expensive and likely real leather as oppose to the faux leather version of TopShop, but at $100, how can you not buy this?

Topshop - Biker Jacket - $100

Friday, February 8, 2013

Prabal Gurung For Target - Preview

I was a little underwhelmed by the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration, which featured some of my favorite designers showcasing some really mediocre pieces (I'm talking about you Marc Jacobs). However, I am super excited about the Prabal Gurung collection, which hits stores February 10th. The collection features bright colors that are perfect for spring at affordable prices. Check out my favs below...

I am obsessed with this black and white pintuck dress. I think black and white is so chic and the bowtie is an adorable accent. This would be great for Valentine's Day.

Pintuck Dress - $49.99

This is my favorite dress in the collection, and if I can get my hands on it, I plan to wear it to a wedding this spring. I love the colors, and the shape of the dress. 

Dress  - $49.99

This dress has such a great color combination. It makes me think of Miami. I would definitely wear this during the summer. 

Short Sleeve Dress  - $39.99

Monday, January 21, 2013

First Lady Inauguration Style!

Was everyone glued to their TV this morning watching the inauguration? I was supposed to travel to DC for the festivities, but bailed at the last minute. I definitely regret my decision to stay in NYC. It looked so fun.

Now let's get to the important stuff... what did everyone think of Michelle's Thom Browne coat? To be honest, I am not a fan. I love the jacquard fabric, but I didn't find it to be particularly figure flattering. It looked slightly better when she belted it (belt from J. Crew). What I do like is that the first family is color coordinated. The blue/purple shades look great on all of them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not So Secret - The Semi-Annual Victoria's Secret Sale

Happy new year everyone! I spent the day yesterday doing laundry and organizing my closet for the new year, and in doing so, I realize it's been awhile since I've gone shopping, and it might be time to stock up on some essentials. Luckily, the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale started today. 

If you've never been to the sale before, read on, because it can be a little crazy! Most everything is in bins labeled by size. As the day goes on, the bins get more and more disorganized. If you're not a fan of digging through bins, my tip is to go first thing in the morning. Everything is organized the night before, so it makes things a lot easier if the size smalls are actually in the size small bin. 

Also, if you get the catalog in the mail, don't throw it away. There is a $10 off offer, and shipping is free over $100. Another tip - try to never pay for shipping, especially when you can do in-store returns. I always try to reach the minimum for free shipping as long as it's not something crazy like a $500 minimum purchase.