Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Trend - Crop Tops

If your top ain't crop, it ain't hot! Ok, I know that doesn't exactly rhyme, but I tried. One of my favorite trends this summer is the crop top. There was a debate amongst my friends on whether we're too told for the crop top, to which I quickly explained that the answer is NO. My theory is that everyone can wear them, but the length is inversely related to age. In simpler terms - the older you are, the longer the top should be (only show a tiny slit), and the younger you are, the shorter it can be.

Here are some of my favorite thrifty/trendy crop top looks...

I absolutely love this lace cropped tee from Express. To be honest, I would have bought it at the $30 full price, but at $10, it is a total steal. This is great for anyone that's a little uncomfortable about baring their midriff, and it combines floral and lace, which are too hot trends this summer. I also love that this comes in several colors.

Express - Floral Lace Crop Tee - $9.99 (originally $29.99)

This is another look I love from Express. I think crop tops are so cute when they are part of a coordinating outfit like this. Plus, the floral pattern gives it a really fun, summery look. It appears that I'm not the only fan of this look, because the top has tons of great reviews. The matching skirt is $59.90.

Express - Floral Ladder Back Crop Top - $34.90

My last pick is from Forever 21. Of course you would find tons of crop tops from there. This one is a little different, because it is long sleeved, and it is crochet, which is really pretty and lightweight. It could be cute to wear this summer somewhere that gets a little cool at night like California or in Montauk.

Forever 21 - Be Seen Open-Knit Crop Top - $9.80

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What is everyone wearing these days? Stay tuned for my summer must-haves. Until then... enjoy this pic of Victoria Beckham on the August issue of Vogue. She's still so posh all these years after the Spice Girls.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Alexander Wang For H&M This Fall

BREAKING NEWS - The next designer collaboration for H&M will be with Alexander Wang. Be excited! The collection is slated to hit stores November 6th.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Boot Round Up

Is it just me, or is this weather completely out of control? This is the millionth time it has snowed this winter. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but seriously, I've had a upgrade my entire winter wardrobe to deal with the cold and snow. In upgrading, I had to upgrade my winter weather footwear. Check out the boots I considered, and see what I ended up purchasing...

Not crazy expensive

The contenders: 
Sorel - Caribou Boot
L.L. Bean - Bean Boots
Hunter - Packable Boot  (Winner)

Sorel - Women's Caribou Boot   $140

Sorel specializes in winter boots, and the Caribou is their most popular boot. I was originally drawn to the Caribou because it looks a little like boots Katie Holmes wore here, and let's be honest, all things Katie Holmes are fabulous. 

Things I liked about this boot is that they have a wool-blend lining that would keep my feet super warm when the temperature drops below freezing, and that the sole looks like it would give good traction on the ice. The wooly liner is removable, but even without it, it is still a winter boot at the end of the day. 

L.L. Bean - Women's Bean Boots   $109

L.L. Bean, one of the great American companies based out of Maine. The Bean boot is a classic for the preppy New England set, and I especially like the color combination of the tan with navy. At $109, these boots are slightly cheaper than the Sorel and Hunter boots, and for $20 more, you can get their thinsulate lined Bean boot. Like the Sorel boot, this is primarily a winter boot and the sole looks like it gives decent traction on ice. Also worth noting, for about $20, L.L Beans sells stabilizers you can attach to the sole (believe these work with non-L.L Beans boots too) to provide even better traction on ice.

Hunter - Packable Boot  $140

The British company Hunter Boot Ltd. has been churning out "wellies" as the Brits call them for over 150 years. Countless celebrities own a pair of Hunter boots, and so do almost every girl in NYC. At $140, the Hunter Packable Boot is vastly more expensive than the cheap rain boots you can find here in the City, but I figured they would be more durable at that price point.

I want to note that the classic Hunter boot (pictured above) is a lot stiffer and thicker than the packable, but I like the packable because they are lighter, and I hate trekking through town with clunky, heavy boots. Some rain boots are so heavy that I feel like I'm wearing Sketcher's Shape Ups!

Another plus with the Hunter boots, and what ultimately swayed me to purchase these, is that there are several different liners that go with them. I felt like even though I'm spending $140, it's like I'm getting two boots - a rain boot that I can wear in warmer weather, and a snow boot that I can wear with liners in the cold. Lastly, I went with the navy color, and have worn them (and loved them) all over town. The only downside is that they're not the best on ice, but without stabilizers, I don't think any of these boots are that great on ice.