Saturday, March 3, 2012

Accessorize With Warby Parker Glasses

You can credit hipsters with making glasses cool again. I don't even need to wear glasses, and I bought two pairs of hispter inspired glasses while wandering around the east village after one too many mugs of japanese beer. Then the other day I realized my Ralph Lauren sunglasses (scored at the outlet mall) are all scratched up since I keep throwing them into my bag without the case, so I came across Warby Parker. I've since "liked" them on Facebook and told all my friends about them. I can't wait to visit their showroom in Soho!

Warby Parker is the TOMs of glasses. Not only are their glasses really stylish and affordable (under $100), but they donate a pair for every pair purchased. How awesome is that? Since I don't actually need glasses, they're out of my price range, but I plan to buy a pair of sunglasses. If you don't live near a showroom, don't worry! They'll ship you five pairs (yes five) and you can try them on and send the other four back in a prepaid envelope. What have you got to lose? Check them out! Here are some of my favs...

The Monroe - love the round Harry Potter looking shape of these!

Preston - I think this shape is so classic and timeless!

Mabel - love the geometric shape of these!

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