Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween On A Budget

Here are a few inexpensive ideas I have for Halloween costumes...

1) Kim Kardashian
Let's face it... baby got back! In fact she got more back than the average girl. The tip is stuffing, stuffing, and more stuffing. You don't want to leave the house without enough junk in your trunk. I think it would be funnier if you really exaggerated the booty.

Also, if you have a boyfriend, have him wear a Reggie Bush jersey. Without a boyfriend? Go as Dancing With The Stars Kim. Wear a dancer costume and flaunt the booty.

2) Paris Hilton
Ok I admit, this is getting a little played out, but it's easy. Wear a track suit, or a cute dress, long blonde hair, and carry a little doggy (the stuffed kind if you don't have a real one) in a purse.

If you have a boyfriend, he can be Benji Madden. Benji usually wears black jeans, white tshirt, a black hat, and lots of tattoos.

3) Nicole Ritchie
Nicole has been wearing a lot of bandannas around her forehead. Pair it with some gladiators and skinny jeans. You could also carry a baby.

4) Lindsay Lohan
This girl loves her leggings. She lives for leggings! Sport some leggings and a cute top with gladiators and a designer bag. You could have a girl friend dress as Lohan's girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Key to looking like Ronson -- sport the butch look. Short hair, hat, slim jeans, tshirt. She is a DJ so she could have big headphones around her neck.

OK so do you see a theme here? Go as a group of these best friends. You could also have some friends dress up as paparazzi.

Here are some non-celebrity ideas...

5) School girl
This is an oldie but goodie.

6) Grecian Princess
After this summer most of you have a pair of gladiators. I would pair it with an empire waist white dress and get some gold string from the craft store to tie around the waist. Also get some fake leaves from the craft store that you can fashion into a headband to wear around your head.

7) Olympian
The olympics were kind of a big deal this summer. If you're petite and blonde, go as Nastia Liukin. All you need a leotard and then make fake medals to put around your neck. If you have a boyfriend, he can go as Michael Phelps. Put a bunch of medals around his neck... eight to be exact and pair it with some swim trunks. You could also go as an olympic swimmer. Wear a one-piece and once again pair it with medals.

8) Sarah Palin
Ok I know I said no more celebrities, but I couldn't resist including her. There are different variations on the Palin look.

First there is the Tina Fey Palin: wear the suit, do your hair like Sarah and the glasses.

Then there's family Palin: She could dress as a hockey mom (hockey t and jeans), once again the hair and glasses. Then she would be accompanied by Bristol (have a friend dress all skanky carrying a liquor bottle and looking pregnant), and someone as her husband. The husband would dress like a hunter. If friends want to get in on it they can be Bristol (pregnant, skanky, liquor in hand), and the son (army) and young daughter (have her carry Palin's baby). Oh ya and don't forget Bristol's baby's daddy!

Hunter Palin: Camo gear and shot gun. Your boyfriend could dress as a moose!

Miss Alaska Palin: Prom dress, sash, and tiara.

9) Derby Girl
A lot of you probably already have a pair of short shorts, pair it with a cute tee and knee socks. If you have skates wear those too!

10) 80s Aerobics Instructor
We posted about colored tights and how hot they are. Pair some brightly colored tights with a leotard and a sweat band for a totally 80s look. Make sure you have big hair and lots of crazy makeup.

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