Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Premium Denim - The Right Fit For You

I've mentioned that there are certain wardrobe items worth splurging on and premium denim is one of them. These jeans will last for years without tearing or stretching out. They come in a variety of styles and washes, so you are bound to find something flattering. A lot of cities have jean boutiques with jean bars. You know how sometimes you ask the bartender to make you a drink based on what you like? That is how the jean bar operates. You go in and tell the salesperson what you're looking for and she recommends various jeans. It's that simple.

No jean bar in your area? Too shy to tell the salesperson about all the flaws you're trying to hide in your jeans? Check out the Paige Premium Denim Fit Guide. You answer a few questions online and voila - Paige recommends styles for your body type. Paige is a pretty popular brand worn by celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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