Thursday, May 28, 2009

Urban Outfitters $5 or Less Sale

First there were $5 footlongs and now Urban Outfitters have items on sale for $5 or less in-stores and online. Check it out soon, sale ends Sunday May, 31st!

I'm always looking for cute little clutches to hold my stuff on a night out and this once caught my eye. The reviews for it are pretty good too.

Ecote Curved Kisslock Wallet
Originally $28, Now $4.99

OK, this isn't something you can wear, but it's something your keys can "wear." When I moved away for college my keyring started filling up with extra keys (an apartment key, mailbox key, etc.) I'm going to get one of these to stick on my apartment key instead of randomly trying keys in the lock when I come home after a crazy night out with my friends. (You know what I mean)

Lucha Libre Keycaps - 2 Pack
Originally $6, Now $4.99

You all should know by now that I have a "thang" for headbands. Maybe it's because of my obsession with Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. This is definitely a headband I could see Blair sporting on the Upper East Side.

Elastic Lace Bow Headwrap

Originally $18, Now $4.99

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