Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Romp

The temperatures are rising fast in NYC, and everyone is starting to break out their summer wardrobe... finally! I've been wandering around my neighborhood the past few days (usually in search of somewhere with air conditioning) and I've seen tons of rompers out and about. Not sure what a romper is? It's essentially a onesie for grown ups which mimics a shirt and shorts, but they're connected. I've always loved how rompers look on me, but the idea of completely disrobing in a public bathroom every time I have to take a pee has turned me off from them. However, I think I'm going to suck it up, and finally get me a cute romper. I mean, if it's cute enough for Blake Lively, it's cute enough for me. Check out some of my favs below...

This romper from Urban Outfitters is a little pricier than I would like, but I love the lace detail. Cotton rompers often look like something that you should wear at home when you clean your bathroom, not for a night out on the town, but this one is perfect for dinner and drinks with the girls or a fun night out in Montauk.

Urban Outfitters - Pins and Needles Crepe Lace Inset Romper - $69

I have been a big fan of coral for awhile, and I love this coral romper from Forever 21. It is also available in blue for you girls that aren't fans of bright colors. Not only is this romper just under $20, it has a bunch of great reviews. How can you resist?

Forever 21 - Sleeveless Drawstring Romper - $19.80

Necessary Clothing is one of my favorite places to shop in NYC for "going out" clothes. They have tons of rompers this season, so it was hard to settle on one that is my fav, but I love this long sleeved romper below. I was in Montauk last weekend, and it was definitely chilly at night. This is great because it will keep you warm while waiting in the longggg line at the Surf Lodge, and it is much cuter than wearing a cardigan. 

Necessary Clothing - Sultry Romper - $39.99

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