Wednesday, September 17, 2008

90210 - Annie's Style

How many of you are ashamed to admit you actually like the new 90210? I know I am. I grew up watching the original and I just had to give this one a chance, well for Brenda and Kelly's sake! while watching the episode, I thought Annie looked really cute at school in her floral dress. Check out my Annie inspired finds...

This is a slightly different style and different colors than Annie's, but I like how this one is also paired with a cardigan

Delias Caitlin Dress

This one is also a little different style, but it has flowers on a white fabric like Annie's. I think the style of this is really cute and what makes it a super thrifty find? It's on sale! Yay!

Delias Nicolette Dress
Originally $44.50, Now $29.99

OMG is the only way to describe this pick. This dress is marked down to $9.99. You know your dinner last weekend was probably more than $9.99. What's even better is that it's available in all sizes. Snap this one up before it is gone.

Delias Tessa Halter Dress
Originally $44.50, Now $9.99

This dress is also different from Annie's, but it is an amazing steal. The comments on it are very positive, and someone said they found it in the store for $9.99! Even at $19.99 it's still a good value.

Target Isaaz Mizrahi Floral Chintz Dress
Originally $39.99, Now $19.99

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