Friday, September 12, 2008

Say Yes To Mailing Lists And Save $$$

You know the line, you're at the register, paying for your clothes and the salesperson asks you if you would like to sign up for their mailing list. I used to always say no. Sometimes it was because I was in a rush and didn't want to fill out the form, other times because I wanted to avoid junk mail and prevent getting on all sorts of other mailing lists, but finally I've been saying yes.

It takes only a couple minutes and before you know it you start getting coupons, emails, and sometimes free gifts on your birthday. What's not like about that? Lately Express has been sending me tons of coupons, now I never buy anything without a coupon. Macy's also sends tons of coupons and sent some extra ones on my birthday. DSW sent me a coupon on my birthday and Sephora sent me a coupon for a free shower gel. It smells delicious... like vanilla and brown sugar. ;)

Also sign up for point passes. For every dollar you spend or item you buy, you accumulate points which earn you gift certificates. DSW has a great point programs as does American Eagle. American Eagle also gives you a birthday discount. Its valid a few days before and a few days after your birthday. Even better is when you're birthday falls during a time when there is a lot of sales, because it's double the discount! My birthday is labor day weekend, which is typically a time for sales...

Lost your card? Hate carrying all these cards? Don't worry! I hate carrying them too, so instead I just ask the sales associate to look it up. They usually just ask for a phone number or email address and voila you're in.

Here is an overview of the AE All-Access Pass:

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