Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fierce and Warm - The Animal Sweater Trend

I was never an animal print kind of girl, but surprisingly, I am a huge fan of animals on sweaters. You name it - fox, tiger, lion, whale, whatever, I love it. I've scoured the internet for some of my favorites that are affordable yet awesome. Check out my picks below...

Forever 21 is always great for a girl on a budget. They have several animals on sweaters and t-shirts, but this tiger is one of my favorites. Roar!

Forever 21 - Multi-Colored Tiger Sweater - $24.80

It has been years since I have shopped at JCP, but they have seriously revamped their store. I love dogs and I love glasses, and this sweater is really awesome because it features a dog wearing glasses. How great is that? Plus, it's on sale. I also like the other animals sweaters, but they are sold out online. I would definitely snag the fox sweater if I came across it at the store.

JC Penney - Love By Design Critter Sweater - $19.99 (originally $34)

One of the preppiest animals is the scottie dog. How cute are they? This is for the preppy girl who doesn't want something nautical like the whale or the lobster. To make this sweater even preppier, there are red elbow pads. This would be great for a Christmas party.

C. Wonder - Scottie Intarsia Sweater - $88 (use you student discount to save some $)

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