Friday, October 25, 2013

What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox say is the catchiest song of the year, and it has me crazy about everything fox related, which is great, because there is fox everything in the stores. I recently picked up an awesome fox ring from Forever 21 that was under $5. Everyone always asks me where I got it from. Check out some of my other favorite fox accessories...

This is my fox head ring. I love this one so much and it's such a great deal.

Forever 21 - Fox Head Ring $4.80

I know everyone hits up Urban Outfitters for clothes, but are you aware of their home section? My bedding is all white, and I think this fox pillow would be a great addition to make it look less prim and proper, which is a good thing, right? 

Urban Outfitters - NEST Fox Pillow $19

I might have to order these like right now. How adorable are these fox earrings? I love the little bit of bling, and that they are rose gold.

Macy's - Fossil Earrings, Rose Gold-Tone Pave Accent Fox Stud Earrings  $38

If you upgraded your iPhone, it is time for a new case. I wish I had an iPhone 5 so I could get this cool fox case. A super cute way to protect your phone.

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