Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dad's Day

When you're out shopping this week, pick up a little something for you dad. Father's day is this weekend, so don't forget!

We all know that men hate to ask for directions and now your dad won't have to. I have one of these navigations and I love it. What's great is that you can hook these up to your computer to get updated maps, so no more getting lost with those outdated mapquest maps. These have really gone down in price from a couple years ago and they are pretty affordable.

I've heard good things about this Navigon 2100
On sale for $119.00 at Staples.com
One of the key features of this model is text to speech technology

This Garmin Nuvi 350 also has good reviews and text to speech technology
$198 at Walmart, $199 at Amazon.com - take your pick

Honestly who doesn't like Ralph Lauren? I love it because it can be casual or dressy and it will never go out of style.

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Oxford
Originally $85, on sale for $59.50
Note: only available in L, XL, XXL
Tip: check your local Polo Ralph Lauren outlet, they have great deals on everything polo.

I really like Ted Baker and I really like this shirt. Thank God for Bluefly! I love getting a huge discount on my favorite brands.


Ted Baker Black Herringbone "Smooch" Dress Shirt
Originally $110, on sale for $66, with 10% discount $59.40 (that's a steal!)

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