Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sample Sales

Sample sales are the best thing to happen to the fashion world. There are quite a few denim sample sales where you can get all you favorite brands at a discount. So far I've bought a Blue Cult, Seven, and Citizen Jeans at sample sales. The jeans usually run from $70 - $90, but with jeans prices skyrocketing these days, that's a bargain.

There's a great site called and they come to all the major cities. I recently went to one of their sales and they had every major denim brand, mens designer jeans, and Ed Hardy t-shirts. If you don't RSVP for the sales online there is a $5 fee at the door, but it is free to RSVP and only takes a minute.

I also recommend Billion Dollar Babes. These sales are located in major US cities and internationally. You can register online and they will email you special offers and notify you when sales are coming to your city. I went to one a few months ago and they had everything from Primp hoodies to Stuart Weitzman shoes. They even have pictures of celebrities wearing the clothes on the rack so you can dress just like Nicole Ritchie or Lauren Conrad. Things are a little more expensive here than the denim sales, but this is very high end clothing. I bought a dress for $99, which was originally $495 so the savings are huge there.

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