Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sam Moon

If you're from Dallas you should know about Sam Moon, it's the giant warehouse where you can get everything from necklaces to luggage at very low prices. I've seen everything from David Yurman and Juicy Couture inspired jewelry to brand names like Kenneth Cole. Check out for everything.

No more guessing which suitcase is yours in baggage claim!
Suitcase: $25.95
Duffel: $11.95

The style of this bag reminds me of the famous Hermes Birkin bag. See the Hermes Birkin second.
The Sam Moon handbag is $18.95
Hermes Birkin: beaucoup dollars and an insanely long waitlist!

If you are into tortoiseshell compare the Sam Moon pair to the Versace Pair
Sam Moon: $5.95
Versace: $240.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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